Law and Financial Services

Opening your business in unexplored new markets can be time-consuming and bureaucratic. Moving permanently or temporarily to operate the business yourself is also important. Consulting with the right experts in the field of visa permits and schooled in labor, business and tax laws is strongly advised.

The attorneys, accountants and visa expeditors in AdvantageBRIC's legal division have proven national and international professional experience, practicing law for more than three decades. Members of the group have academic training and professional experience in Brazil and abroad, in countries such as Spain, Germany, the United States, India and Japan, and are able to work in six languages. 

Spread throughout the country at the most important cities in Brazil, our team also covers several different countries through international legal service networks. The network provides its members with direct access to professionals located in the most important business centers in the world, thus allowing clients to benefit from first class legal assistance for every need in the global market. Areas of practice offered include: 

 Civil and commercial



 Real estate 

 Foreign Investments 

 Administrative contracts 

 Import, export and commercial protection



 Consulting to identify public and private funding for business initiatives


 Intellectual property and Immaterial rights

 Compliance and investigation (Anticorruption Law)