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Intercultural Learning

We in AdvantageBRIC know how difficult it is to successfuly relocate as a foreign executive and eventually having your family moving to Brazil. Benefit from intercultural competence skills to make sure your international assignment will be a success. It is important for us to offer you customized support and the right services to ease any hardship in adaptating and integrating to the culture and the daily life in Brazil.

Prepare for life as an expat with our team of highly qualified professionals comprised of human resources experts, doctors, psychologists, immigration and training consultants who are equipped to meet your needs in the areas of development and cultural training, offering services such as:

 Intensive Courses in Portuguese Language for Executives in Goa, Índia;

 “Business and Cultural Exchange” Training;

 Visas and Brazilian documentation;

 Reception on Arrival in Brazil;

 City Tour Visits to Apartments, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Doctors, Shopping Malls, Specialty Stores, etc.