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Real Estate Development

Backgrounded in engineering, corporate consulting and real estate, AdvantageBRIC offer specialized and customized solutions based on updated market data together with analysis of targets and strategic positioning of the companies. Studies are made making use of modern tools and turned to corporate management.

We focus on providing productive spaces with appropriate costs, identification and elimination of waste related to properties, profitability of assets reflecting on statements and operation of enterprises, opportunities of investment and real estate development. Our team works hard to meet the individual culture and specific requirements of each company offering a more functional and unique experience. We are keen to assist you in:


 Occupation Studies;

 Real Estate Asset Management;

 Assets Profitability;

 Real Estate Appraisals;

 Studies of Vocation and Viability of Assets and Developments;

 Acquisition and Sales of Assets;

 Corporate Build Outs;

 Building Automation;

 Industrial Constructions;

 Electrical, Hydraulic, Closed Television Circuits;

 Structured Cable Networks;

 Fire Prevention Systems.